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NetVanta 160 Firmware Download

I cannot find the download for the latest firmware for this product. Every link I have found is no longer valid. It is also not in the software portion of this website either. I have 7 160's getting controlled by a NetVanta 1531p. I found firmware for the switch, however I have not found firmware for the 160's. Please can someone give me the link or file for those devices. I understand they are old, but this customer wants me to try everything before I get him new AP's.

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Re: NetVanta 160 Firmware Download


Per the Adtran End-of-Life section, specifically for the NetVanta 160:

"Last Date of Support (AKA End of Life Date (EOL))
The last date to receive service and support for the
product. After this date, all support services for the
product are unavailable, and the product becomes
obsolete. This is the official End of Life Date of the
product.  03/31/2017"

Typically at this point the last version of firmware / software for products are removed from the Support Community.  I see your options as:  1 - Someone sends you the firmware, sorry I do not have a copy.  2 - Your client upgrades their Wi-Fi network.