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1234 and 1238 PoE's solid amber

I have two 1234's and one 1238 and they will pass traffic for a while and then all the lights go to solid amber. 

I can't find anything that explains what solid amber is but they stop passing traffic and need rebooted.

I've ran wireshark and it seems like a needle in a haystack. I'm just looking for an explanation of solid amber lights if anyone has seen them.


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Re: 1234 and 1238 PoE's solid amber

This sounds like a broadcast storm or bridging loop.  do you have spanning-tree enabled on all ports?  configuring spanning-tree edgeport is OK on those ports going to hosts such as phones and workstations but not advisable on ports connecting switches.

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Re: 1234 and 1238 PoE's solid amber


I marked this post as "assumed answered," but please do not hesitate to reply if you have further questions.