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New switch showing activity but no internet access

Recently the NetVanta 1234p for my Fraternity house went out. Luckily it has a lifetime warranty. I received the replacement and hooked it up the same way the one before had been hooked up. A cable from our security box(SonicWall NSA 250m) is hooked up to the first port. The switch is lighting up showing link activity from the first port and the wireless routers we have throughout the house and are hooked to various ports on the switch. Yet their is no internet being sent out of the switch. Is there some sort of initial configuration I need to do with the new switch? I assumed it would work if i hooked it up exactly the same as the old one.

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Re: New switch showing activity but no internet access

- Thanks for posting your question on the forum!

By default, the NetVanta 1234 is setup with a management IP address and a single VLAN, almost the equivalent of an unmanaged switch. You mentioned that you are going through wireless routers that are connected to the switch to go out to the internet. Have you tried plugging your PC directly into the 1234 and seeing what you get?

It would be also be helpful to post the results of a traceroute out to the internet.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.



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Re: New switch showing activity but no internet access

As Noor stated, out of the box the 1234 is a straight switch where all ports are created equal and no traffic separation is done.

In anything other than very basic networks, the engineer who designs the network will make changes to the switch configuration that require any replacement switch to be configured similarly.  Some configuration tasks are complete show-stoppers such as multiple VLANs and trunk port setup. Others can cause more subtle problems like duplex mismatches resulting in poor performance, missing QoS resulting in choppy audio and video, and the like.

If the configuration of the previous switch was saved external to the switch and you have access to it, then this can be applied to the new switch and it should just work. Start with a clean slate.  Erase the startup configuration and reboot the switch, then copy the previous configuration.  You'll need to use the serial console for this.

If you do not have access to the previous configuration, you're in a bit of a bind and may need some hands-on expertise.  The same company that configured the original switch and/or Sonicwall are your best bet.  If you have access to the Sonicwall and there are sub-interfaces on the connection to the old switch, you have multiple VLANs for sure and are going to need some help.

When you get the new switch configured and working, be sure to save its configuration file as well as those of the Sonicwall and any other network gear in a safe place.  The Adtran configurations are human-readable while Sonicwall is in a binary format. 

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Re: New switch showing activity but no internet access


I marked this post as "assumed answered," but please do not hesitate to reply if you have further questions.