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gigbit port stops flowing traffic for a few seconds

We just added a connection to the gigbit port on a Netvanta 1234. Every 10 minutes or so it stops passing traffic for a few seconds then start up again.  When that happens it also stops answering pings and most of the time continue to ignore pings after traffic is flowing again.  It continues to not answer pings even after traffic starts flowing again.  During that time it continue to flow traffic on its 100Mb ports.  We just updated to R13.9.0.HB and that did not help.

There are no messages in the error log.  The traffic on the gigbit port is mostly streaming UDP packets from cameras and is about 7Mbps.  We have seen CPU usage go to 100% even though there is only a few kbps on the 100Mb ports and this 7Mbps on the gigabit port.

Any ideas appreciated



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