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1500 Netvanta Stacking

I currently have 2 Netvanta 1550 daisy chained config which is not ideal. I can only manage the 'Primary' Switch connected back to the Router.

I see other Netvanta series switches can be stacked but cannot find a "Activ Chassis" stacking solution for 1550 or 1560 Netvanta.  

Anyone try stacking 1550/1560 Netvanta please let me know 

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Re: 1500 Netvanta Stacking

Active Chassis is only available for the 1638 switch line.

Neither the 1550 or 1560 switch lines support stacking. Each switch will need to be configured and managed individually.

Re: 1500 Netvanta Stacking

such a disappointing revelation.  I spent hours trying to find a way to configure stack master and other commands