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1531P Ajax Error

I purchased a new 1531P easily a couple years ago for a planned building update, but it never happened. We now have use for it to handle a couple doors and AP's.

I use the web interface. I was able to change the IP, start naming the ports, firmware upgrade, etc...

However, after each change/task, the 'Menu' fails and I'm getting a 'Ajax is not defined' message box. I then will logoff and login, where it does show up most of the time. I still have more to change.

My setup info:

! ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R14.1.2
! Boot ROM version R11.2.0.B2
! Platform: NetVanta 1531P, part number 1700571F1

Has anyone else had a similar issue, or know how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 1531P Ajax Error


Our AV SOPHOS was scanning the switch. We excluded the IP, all works great.