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[1531p] Switched ISPs and no longer have internet access...basic configuration?


ISPs router/modem/wifi << netvanta 1531p << PC

What I do know?

  • When I switch out the managed switch with a unmanaged netgear switch my PC instantly gets internet access.
  • I cannot successfully ping my default gateway (Private LAN IP) from my PC when netvanta is plugged in.
  • cmd >> ipconfig on my PC shows an blank default gateway ...with an autoconfiguration IPv4 Address that is off my LAN IP network set by frontier's router
    • For example
      • On router
        • private lan ip >>
      • On PC >> cmd > ipconfig
        • Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address..:169.254.x.x
        • Default Gateway.........: BLANK

What have I tried?

  • Factory default reset on netvanta
  • Setting...
    • Data >> Router >> default gateway >> Set to
    • Data >> Router >> IP Routing >> DISABLED
    • System >> Hostname / DNS >> DNS Setup >> filled in domain, primary DNS IP, Secondary DNS IP
  • cmd >> ipconfig /flushdns
  • cmd >> netsh int ip reset
    • Resetting Resolve Neighbor, OK! >> Resetting , failed
      • Access is denied
      • The other fields successfully reset.
  • cmd >> ping
    • PING: transmit failed. General failure.

The outcome is the same as above. I did notice 1x error in the system summary.

Troubleshooting >> Physical Interfaces

"There is a speed/duplex mismatch on port gaiga-swx 0/3 with .
  Local: 1G Full Duplex

  Neighbor: Unknown"

Any input would be appreciated.

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Re: [1531p] Switched ISPs and no longer have internet access...basic configuration?

With the switch in factory default, the switch is just passing layer 2 packets on all ports.  And from your description, the PC is not getting a DHCP IP assignment since it is using a self-assigned 169.x.x.x IP address.

You said you factory defaulted the switch, but it does not sound like it is actually defaulted or maybe the DHCP server is not responding.  If you can provide the running configuration file, we can verify this is correct.

This can be done from the Command Line Interface of the switch or the web interface of the switch.

From the CLI -

Accessing the Command Line Interface in AOS


switch#show run

To factory default -