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AOS R11.13.0 released for the Netvanta 1500 Series

AOS R11.13.0 was released and posted for the NetVanta 1500 series. There are many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in this release. Please reference the for specific details. The NetVanta 1500 series firmware can be downloaded from the firmware landing page links for each product below.

Firmware Links
NetVanta 1534/1534P (1st gen)
NetVanta 1544/1544F/1544P (1st gen)
NetVanta 1531/1531P
NetVanta 1534/1534P (2nd Gen)
NetVanta 1544/1544P (2nd Gen)
NetVanta 1535P
NetVanta 1550-24/1550-48/1550-24P/1550-48P


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