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Adtran 1550-24 using SNTP Version 1

I'm trying to get my Adtran 1550 switches to sync time with the DC Controllers, but they all use SNTP version 3. I even tried to sync to but it also uses SNTP Version 3. Is there a firmware update that updates the sntp on a 1550 to SNTP Version 3? All of 1550 switches are currently running

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Re: Adtran 1550-24 using SNTP Version 1

There are two ways to configure this SNTP server selection.

(The switch only supports SNTP V1 & V2 and not NTP. )

Assuming your Switch can route to the internet, and has a DNS server configured.

1.  CLI configuration mode -



sntp server version 2



sntp server

2.  GUI - System / System summary  --- Select Time Server hyperlink in the first System Information window.   After making changes,  Apply(Bottom)  and Save( at the top).