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Adtran routing issue help. Default route sending everything to router but static route won't override.

currently we have an environment where all our hosts are connected to an adtran 1638 stack.  our network is 172.16.X.X/16 . hosts on this network cannot reach a remote host of 172.16.34.X/24  they can reach host at 172.16.32.X/24.   We believe the routing table on these adtrans is causing traffic meant for the 172.16.34 network to hit a router where it is being dropped instead of going to a firewall address of  routes are: 16 next hop Connected and / next hop Connected.  I think what is happening is the route is sending traffic for to a router instead of to our firewall where it should go. how do I correct this? i've tried a static route but this connected route seems to override it.

i should note that the 172.16.34.X/24 network is accessed via our firewall because it is a site to site VPN connection that is the first we are setting up on this network.

all the other 172.16.X.X / 24 remote networks are behind a router attached to an MPLS network.

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