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Connecting HP 6200yl SFP to Adtran 1638P SFP+?

I am working on upgrading an older HP Procurve Fiber network with 1638P's and utilizing the 10G SFP+.

HP's are 6200yl's connected in a ring around a campus with 9 micron Single Mode fiber currently 1 gbps on HP SFP's.

For budget reasons, customer is looking at replacing one at a time.

Is it possible to phase this in and replace 1 6200yl at a time with a 1638P connecting the HP SFP to Adtran SFP+? (Understanding that I will only get 1gbps until the 1638P's are connected to each other)

My parts list for each replacement looks like the following:

The Switch: NetVanta 1638P Part Number: 4700569F1

The XIM: NetVanta Dual SFP+ XIM Part Number: 1700471F1

The SFP+ Modules: 10GBase-LR SFP+ Module Part Number: 1700486F1

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Re: Connecting HP 6200yl SFP to Adtran 1638P SFP+?


First thing would be to note the specs on our SFP module:

  • 1310nm laser transmitter
  • LC fiber connectors
  • Supports 10,000 meters using 10um single-mode fiber

Since I don't know anything about the HP modules, you'll have to investigate them. Assuming that our module and theirs use the same 1310 wavelength, there's a chance it would work but of course we can't in any way guarantee that; if it works, great, if it doesn't there's obviously nothing we can do about that.

Our SFP is looking for 10um fiber instead of the 9um you mentioned, so that might have an effect on performance as well.


Ronnie Colvin

Adtran Applications Engineering

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Re: Connecting HP 6200yl SFP to Adtran 1638P SFP+?


I marked this question as Assumed Answered based on Ronnie's response.

If you have more questions or information, please feel free to respond to this post.