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Default Configurations - Specifically 1550-24P

Is there a link to default configurations that come on CPE? More specifically the 1550-24P.

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Re: Default Configurations - Specifically 1550-24P

The 1550 series switches;

  • Do not have a different shipping configuration from the switch defaults as did some other AOS switches
  • The switch can be defaulted by the enable command factory-default.
    • 1550-24# factory-default
  • Note the 1550 series switches always have to be upgraded to the EMR release or higher of firmware because of many documented issues
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Re: Default Configurations - Specifically 1550-24P

The command is great if I had access to the switch. I was hoping to get a copy of a standard 'show run' so that I can make some adjustments and email it to a field tech.