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LTSP and 1544/1638 issues

Hello everyone.

I'm having a bit of trouble making thin clients talk to an LTSP server over a couple of Adtran devices. In the attached (crude) network diagram, you can see that we have a 1544 acting as the 'core' switch in our network. We have multiple Vlans for our different buildings, but we are only working with two; Vlan1 (production) and Vlan302 (private for the thin clients). The LTSP server has two nics, one on each Vlan. Both are connected to the 1544 directly. Now, in one building, we are very successfully using this LTSP attached to a 1234 via a trunk port. All clients behave as expected and that building is working great. The problem is with our new building. We purchased an 1638 to provide us with 1GB connections to every client and allow us to expand as we might need. The problem we're having is that thin clients connected to the 1638 (with the port set to Vlan302) will not boot. They eventually time out with an error: "Error! dhcpcd failed!" The same holds true if I connect directly to the 1544 with a thin client on that Vlan.

Here's where it gets a bit odd. If I plug a dumb switch into the 1544 and boot the thin client off THAT, then it works the way it should. If I plug the same dumb switch into the 1638, the thin client boots, but apps will start to hang and freeze if I try to do too much.

Spanning tree options are the same on all three Adtran switches and the storm control is as identical as I can make them between the three (should be disabled). I should also note that I have not done any configuration on a tty session to any of these devices.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I should proceed at this point? I'm a bit in the dark at this point.

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