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New Contributor

Linkrunner not showing VLAN

We have many NetVanta 1531 and 1550 switches, and a few 1560 switches.  When using a Linkrunner AT (now made by NetAlly, formerly made by Fluke), I can see all the switch info except the VLAN of the port to which I am connected.  I used to using a Linkrunner AT on Cisco switches, and it always told me the VLAN.

I opened a support case with NetAlly and was told, "The LinkRunner AT only reads the information in the LLDP/CDP xDP frames. If you're seeing information that means the unit is reading it. But if there's some information missing that is usually one of 2 things. 1. The VLAN information is not in LLDP/CDP xDP frames or 2. It's there but is not in a common field."

Has anyone ran into this before?  I was hoping perhaps something needs to be enabled on the switch to make my Linkrunner AT much more useful?

Thank you.

Walter J. Alexander, IV
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