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Missing Syslog after reboot

Adtran 1550 Syslog is missing after reboot. I need to prevent this. I also need to know how to extend the buffer of the syslog as its crazy short right now.

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Re: Missing Syslog after reboot

  • If the syslog configuration is not in the startup-configuration file, it will not be preserved after a reboot.
    Once you have the switch configured and everything including syslog is working, you can run the CLI command "wr"  for write, or the command " copy run start ".
  • Buffer of the switch log is not configurable and is short for switch memory reason.  This is why a syslog is used, when needed.

  • This is a NV1550 , so it should be running the EMR firmware release.  If it has not been upgraded since it was taken out of the box, you will experience many bad issues. 
    Shipping firmware is only to allow upgrading to the Supported EMR release.

Re: Missing Syslog after reboot

Thank you Jroad, Do you know if the syslog will overwrite itself when at max buffer?