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NV1544 Crashing

Checking to see if other's have had same crash info:

Firmware version: R11.4.1

Pn: 1700544G1

Sn; LBADTN0918AC471

2015.04.16 13:06:31 OPERATING_SYSTEM Cold Start

2015.04.16 13:07:39 OPERATING_SYSTEM.CORE DUMP R11.4.1\source/Kernel/Private/Arch/PowerPC-8260/IsrHandler.cpp#280: AdFatal(DMMU: Dadr=0x00000003, Iadr=0x0003154C: No permission to write. StackTrc: 0000B824 0003154C 003E1094 00693790 003126B8 00312CAC 00312ED4 00306C80 0001BF1C 000252F4 00026830 0000F2CC 0000F26C ....Regs: r0=0x003e1094 r1=0x039bf658 r2=0x01e49fc0 r3=0x039a5010 r4=0x00000003 r5=0x00000001 r6=0x00008000 r7=0x000000b0 r8=0x039a5010 r9=0x00000003 r10=0x00000001 r11=0x00000003 r12=0x00000000 r13=0x03208000 r14=0x00000004 r15=0x00000005 r16=0x00000006 r17=0x00000007 r18=0x00000008 r19=0x00000009 r20=0x0000000a r21=0x00000000 r22=0x01afa2c0 r23=0x03e74a10 r24=0x03a98975 r25=0x03a9897e r26=0x03a98985 r27=0x03a98992 r28=0x00001143 r29=0x034c368c r30=0x039a5010 r31=0x01aed827 LR=0x003e1094 CTR=0x0003143c.)

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Re: NV1544 Crashing


If you are still seeing this, I would suggest contacting ADTRAN Support and they can investigate this for you.