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Need help setting up VLAN Swap for AT&T Fiber

I am attempting to make AT&T Fiber work without having to use the AT&T gateway.  One method is known as "vlan swapping" and is detailed here.  In order to attempt this method, I need to be able to set a VLAN id of 0 and also need to assign a cloned MAC to one of the ports on my switch.  I have Netvanta 1534 Gen 2 switches running the newest R13.4.0.SA firmware.  The GUI does not permit me to define a VLAN with ID 0.  Can this be done by CLI or any other means?  Also, is there any way to clone or manually program the MAC for a port?

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Re: Need help setting up VLAN Swap for AT&T Fiber

A VLAN ID of 0 is reserved and essentially denotes that there is no VLAN tag. The lack of a VLAN tag or native VLAN on a trunk will have a VLAN ID of 0x000. Its 802.1q field will have priority information only. To accomplish this, configure it as an access port or the native VLAN of a trunk port. Instructions to "set a VLAN id of 0" are poorly written and will be disallowed by most configuration parsers regardless of manufacturer. See:  page 76.

You probably don't want  to manipulate the MAC of the physical switch port, but that of the layer 3 interface that will ARP for the IP. You do this at the interface level, which may be a VLAN interface in your case.

(config)#interface ethernet 0/1
(config-eth 0/1)#mac-address BA:DB:AD:C0:FF:EE