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Need to have my new NetVanta 1534P boot up and pull a DHCP address


Based on my reading, when the factory new 1534P is booted up, it defaults to  I want it to boot up and grab a DHCP IP so that I can remote into it remotely (I am sending it to a remote location that I am connected to via a VPN).

After it boots up I will be able to see the new IP in the Router that I have access to remotely.

If the unit does not get a DHCP IP by default (and instead gets the 10.10.10.a with how can I change this via altering the DHCP settings on the router(?)  supposedly, according to this:

a user can setup the DHCP server to tell the device things... Presumably the only thing I need to tell the device it to use DHCP, can somebody tell me how to do that?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Need to have my new NetVanta 1534P boot up and pull a DHCP address

Hi Steve:

Before shipping the switch, configure interface vlan 1 to obtain a DHCP address.  From the enable prompt:

interface vlan 1

ip address dhcp

Remember to write the configuration for persistence:



Now you can power down and ship the switch.  Alternately, if you have shipped a switch with default IP address, logon to the remote router and assign IP address or similar as a secondary address.  Then you can telnet from the router CLI to the switch.  This presumes that the switch allows telnet (it does by default).

From an ADTRAN router's config prompt:

interface eth 0/1  (or whatever you use for the LAN interface)

ip address secondary



NOTE:  the word secondary is very important.