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Netvanta 1550-48p as a layer 2 switch issue

Hello all, Thank you and excuse my newness, I come from the linux server world and switches are new to me. I have a 1550-48p installed as a layer 2 switch. I am using spf modules to connect via fiber to the core switches operating as layer 3. I can connect to the switch via management interface but cannot connect to anything attached via ports 1-48. No ping. No trace. The connected systems are listed in the arp table in the core switches but they are unresponsive to network requests. I cannot even ping them from the netvantas own ssh terminal connection so while the switch sees the devices, I can even see their mac-address, I am unable to communicate with these devices. I am thoroughly stumped. I am attaching a copy of my config. Thank you. Addendum question: Shouldnt the switch receive a list of vlans from the cores? If so thats not working.Again thank you in advance.

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