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Newbie with a 1534 PoE

I'm using the recent devastation from Hurricane in, the wallboard has been cut out 3 feet from the floor all through the an opportunity to install a modern Cat 6 network throughout our small church. I'm building this network around a Synology RS816 server, a MikroTik RB3011 router, and a Netvanta 1534 PoE switch which I found advertised as used but tested and working on eBay. I'm not sure what if any documentation is coming with the 1534, so advice as to what I should download and have available is welcome.

Although I have set up my home network and routers using DD-WRT, this will be my first time working with a commercial-grade managed switch and router combination. So, I'm asking for any pointers that anyone may have as far as setting up the network for efficiency and security. The purposes of the network, aside from general internet resource access, are:

  • Installation of IP security cameras (6-10), which will be coordinated with Surveillance Station on the Synology. I'd like to secure their subnet so that they don't go phoning home to China every night....
  • Installation of a modern VoIP telephone system.
  • Media streaming (from the Synology) to classrooms and media booth for audio/visual presentations during classes and worship services.
  • Online streaming of sermons, worship services, and similar content to the Internet at large...without leaving the front door open for vandals to amuse themselves.
  • Guest access to Wi-fi (looking at Ubiquiti UniFi access points) during services and church events. Contrariwise, though, nobody should be using the church guest Wi-fi after midnight...or for downloading torrents.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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