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Red stat after update

I had issue with duplex mismatches on NetVanta 1534P 2.1 when I set the port to 1000Mbps some port work OK and some don't, so I update the firmware to (N1534v2A-R12-2-0) from the GUI then after I reboot I got STAT red light on and everything stop working, can someone help me plz? Thanks

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Re: Red stat after update

It's failing the initial boot setup. Could be a "boot system" command not referencing the current firmware, or a corrupt file upload, or something else. You'll need to console in to see what is going on.

Attach a terminal to the console port (9600,N,8,1) and power-cycle the switch. You should see a series of messages appear as the switch (attempts to) boot up. Paste the output into a message here.