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STP issue


Sorry if this is confusing.

I have 39 adtran switches on my campus.  I believe I have an STP issue going on and has been going on for a couple months.  I currently can't access most of the switches via http or ssh.  They also don't ping.  But the network is working fine.  If I disconnect a switch that I am unable to access from the LAN, I can access the switch just fine from a laptop connected to the switch.  I have 2 fiber switches and a 1638p that I am able to access normally.  I noticed on the 1638p that STP is blocking 2 uplink SFP ports connected to other switches.  


Core_ActivChassis_Vlan_Router#show spanning-tree blockedports
Blocked Interfaces List
xgiga-swx 1/2/1
xgiga-swx 2/2/2
Number of blocked ports (segments) in the system : 2

I have been searching for a loop forever and can't find it yet.  I assume I do have a loop somewhere since it's blocking these 2 ports.


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