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Solid Amber Link/Activity LED

Hello, I have a 1534 and recently ports 21 and 24 show a solid amber LED, and ports 21 through 24 do not function (22 and 23 have no light, but do not work either).  I am testing this on a bench, not connected to anything but power and plugging in a cable into each port and testing for connectivity.  The manual does not mention an amber light for the Link/Activity LED, though I do think it is common to blink amber for activity.  But I have not seen a solid amber LED, especially with no cable attached.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Solid Amber Link/Activity LED

Update: I removed the board from the chassis and inspected.  On the underside there was a resistor just dangling, ready to completely fall off.  After reattaching, the issue seems to be fixed.