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cant access new out of box switch with default ip

I have a brand new 1550-48, and I have set my PC ip to, and I am unable to see the switch. (according to quick install guide, it should be

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Re: cant access new out of box switch with default ip

This switch is shipping with an unsupported BVS1.0 firmware that will be changed, and it does not operate as the Guide says.  This is the reason a corrected guide is not provided.

ADTRAN apologizes for this current issue.

To access the device with firmware versions earlier then the supported R13.2.3, you have two options.

Option 1.  The console port will allow you access to the switch with a serial Cisco cable to the unit.

From the console interface, you can set the IP address of the switch, to allow you web access later.  Defaults -

Username:  admin

Password:   password




1550-24#con t

1550-24(config)#int vlan 1

1550-24(config-intf-vlan 1)#ip address /24 <------- Whatever IP address you like

1550-24(config-intf-vlan 1)#no shut

1550-24(config-intf-vlan 1)#exit


Appropriate commands must be issued to preserve configuration.


Building configuration...

  1. Success!


Now using a PC connected to an Ethernet port ( with IP address 10 .19.221.51 ) you should be able to access the switch web interface.

Option 2.  If you connect the switch to a network with a DHCP server, you should be able to hit the Web interface at the ( or the DHCP assigned IP address) as the Quick Start Guide documents.  The IP address assigned, will bring up the VLAN interface and then the secondary IP will also be responsive. 

As far as all Adtran switches, it is recommended to upgrade them to the current EMR release ( currently R13.2.3 ).  This is especially true of the 1550 series switches since they can become completely un-responsive with BVS1.0 firmware.

The firmware is available on our website under Home»Support»Product Downloads»Software Releases

The upgrade instructions are also linked in the Release Notes of the Firmware release.  It will point to for Upgrading Firmware in AOS.

The web interface firmware upgrade is usually the easiest method.

  1. P.S.  Upgrades can be done during working hours and the required reboot will not happen till administrator requests the reboot with the CLI command or web interface.  So firmware can be loaded and waiting till the maintenance window allowed reboot.
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Re: cant access new out of box switch with default ip

I have seen that happen in some cases, but the latest 1550 models that I've received have VLAN 1 interface configured with DHCP and as a secondary address.  They pick up an IP address if you plug it into your existing LAN.  Then you can program it.  If this is not working for you, then jroad​ is absolutely right about having to console into the CLI and configure the interface and enable the web GUI if you so desire.

The firmware that the unit ships with is awful.  I think that is intentional so we are forced to load the latest firmware.  That's best practice anyway, but sometime you just want to fire up a new switch and get to work. I always use the most current maintenance release vs. the very latest firmware release.

Hope this helps.