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how to enable 10gb module speed

I have 18 switches - 1550-48, 1550-24 in a private environment using the NETVANTA 10Gb SFPs (1700485F1) between MDF and IDF, via OM3 Fiber (10GB) but the port speed still shows 1GB?? -

I am also using the Direct Attached Cables (1710484F1) to uplink to switches within the same IDF.

How to enable that speed?

Thank You,

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Re: how to enable 10gb module speed

10Gb SFP Fiber connections require 3 things -

  • Must be an ADTRAN SFP+ module or SFP+ Cable
  • Must be running the Extended Maintenance Release Firmware.  ( this has all supported SFP+ information )
  • The configuration of the SFP interface must be set to 10Gb to get these speeds on both sides of the Fiber connection.

Example -


interface xgigabit-switchport 0/3

  description uplink

  no shutdown

  switchport mode trunk

  qos trust cos

  speed 10000                  <----------------- Must be set to get 10Gb.  Auto, will not provide this speed.


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