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Multiple Location Outbound e911

We have a customer that has a sip trunk with us and we currently use caller-id-override emergency-outbound xxxxxxxxx on the trunk to ensure we push the main number e911 with their calls as we get fined for any calls going out without 911 being set for it.

Now they are wanting to add new locations that will tie back into their PBX via VPN, but want to push the correct e911 information for each location.

I have been looking but haven't found a way to accomplish this from the adtran.They would be pushing a different DID from the other locations and need any calls going to 911 to reflect that.

I believe I would have to remove caller-id-override emergency-outbound and hope they have their caller ID setup correctly for 911 at each location, meaning each  DID on their PBX would push the main number for its location as the calling number for 911.  Then we'd have 911 set for each locations main number. 

Is there a mechanism for this that I'm missing that we could do this from the Adtran?

I don't see that using

voice trunk Txx type sip

    match ani "NXXXXXXXXX" substitute "xxxxxxXXXX"

would be an easy way to administrate this and each number would then push the main number for it's location for it's outbound DID.  If they added a number and didn't tell us we could get a 911 call without the 911 being set for that number.

Hopefully that makes sense.



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