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NetVanta 3140 Drive Space

My NetVanta has only 1 firmware, no back up.  I can't update the firmware because has no drive space unless I overwrite the primary.

How do I free up space?  I have two of these units and my other one has space to hold current, and backup firmware, so I was able to upgrade the firmware on it.

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Re: NetVanta 3140 Drive Space

Ensure that you have reliable power such as a UPS. Erase the current running firmware and then upload the new firmware. The unit will continue to function even with the firmware removed from flash. Just don't power-cycle or reboot it until the updated firmware is loaded.

If for some reason the unit crashes or reboots during the upgrade process you can still upload the new firmware from the bootstrap menu. It's a bit uglier to do this way but possible.

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Re: NetVanta 3140 Drive Space

Thanks, I  can update the firmware, that is not the issue.  The question is, what is taking up space and how to free up that space so I can have more than the current firmware stored on it.  I should be able to have current and at least 1 back up and then replace the back up (like my other NetVanta has.