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New Contributor

TLS SRTP on Netvanta


I have a customer requesting an install with the requirement that we setup SIPS using TLS and SRTP between the Netvanta and the customer's IP PBX.  The other side of the Netvanta is also a SIP connection over a private network to a SIP carrier, so only the customer side is required to be encrypted.


I have a couple of basic questions.  

1) I've found one Adtran document that outlines the basic steps for implementing TLS and SRTP, but I'm wondering if there are any documents showing a step by step example of what is required to implement a real world example.

2) The customer has said they are OK with using self signed certificates and wants them not to expire for several years so they don't have to worry about management.  From what I read, it sounds like I can self-sign the Netvanta certs. I've seen nothing however, regarding the length of time the certs are valid by default and/or if the expiration is customizable.  Can someone please shed some light on how the self-sign cert process works and how long the certs are valid.

Please let me know if I need to provide additional information.

Thank you!