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What is the optimum way to configure a 3120 as a switch with minimal latency (no firewall)?

I have a Netvanta 3120 which I'd like to repurpose as a LAN switch.  The router in the network is configured with some static LAN addresses and a LAN pool for DHCP leases.  The next hop from the router in the LAN will be the 3120.  LAN hosts will be connected to the 3120, but I'd like to avoid double-NAT'ing and latency caused by the Netvanta firewall processing packets.  I tried to set access-groups on eth 0/1 and vlan 1 to 'permit any any', but it didn't allow hosts on the Netvanta's switch to pick up IP addresses from the router and did not route packets in/out or across the switch between hosts.

Could you please share a recommended configuration to achieve the above?

PS.  Thinking about it, I'd also like to retain the functionality of a Netvanta 150 AP connected to the Netvanta 3120 - would this be possible?

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