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configuring Netvanta 3140 with a single lan and single public ip

We have purchased an Adtran Netvanta 3148 router, as recommended by the Jive VOIP provider that we are using.  We need a very simple configuration:

Presumably we would use one of the gig 0/n ports to connect to our ISP:  shaw cable on the public side which provides a static public IP with 700Mbps down and 125Mbps up.

On the private side we would use the 8 port switch as the single default vlan with the network IP / 24

We cannot figure out how to get the private side to talk to the public side, Obviously we need some additional configuration to make it work.  This is a $1,500.00 device and we are unable yet to use it.  The office has about 30 voip phones and around 100 hard-wired and mobile devices active on a typical day.

In the meantime we are using an older Netvanta 3120 that just does not provide enough bandwidth to handle the voip phones and typical daily bandwidth needs of the office.


Could we get someone to throw us a lifeline, maybe call and perhaps remote in to assist us in setting this up?

Thanks ever so much in advance for any help!!

Bruce Elniski

IT support


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