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Configuration or connection issue...

I've assisted in jobs when a T1 line was to be setup but this was the first time I completed the configuration myself from the beginning. This was a friend who just moved into a new building that was apparently in an isolated area infrastructure wise. The two options they had in terms of internet access were a Verizon t1 line and an att uverse line with a max 1.5 Mbps dl speed. They opted to sign a t1 contract before approaching me so that was what I was tasked with.

Verizon t1 line

Smart jack installed by verizon

Client supplied AdTran 3200 v3 that I then configured

Configuration went well as far as I could tell. I could connect to most websites I tried to although I could definitely tell there were some issues that I perceived as speed issues. Granted I will admit I don't have a 100% grasp on the relative speed a 1.5Mbps down connection should "feel" like as my home is 30 Mbps and my office runs at 50Mpbs. Sites like google or craigslist loaded more or less instantly while other sites like cnn or espn loaded significantly slower, in my mind probably because of all the extra content like images and videos and flash based menu's etc.

My issue now is that they are having problems connecting to certain sites. Sites like and are unreachable, typically only loading only html minus pictures and some formatting. Other similar industry sites, i.e other banking and airfar sites, load up without issue. The problem sites can be pinged just fine. Basically I need to determine if this is a configuration issue(on my part) or a connection issue(on verizon's end). If this is indeed configuration issue, can someone point me in the right direction as far as where to look for problems in the adtran. These issues persist whether I am using a client hooked directly into the adtran or the internal side router configured for DHCP. If this is a speed issue where the actual dl speed is causing the problem, is there anything I can do to help? I am listing some of the information Verizon provided me should you see any issues. The information below was scavenged from multiple emails and a piece of scratch paper that my friend had notes on when calling verizon. Thats actually the only time they were given a DNS server(and only one). If I had to take a guess at what is causing the problems I would say DNS? It gave me the most issues and it was the only piece of info I didn't have direct from a verizon tech. Any help is appreciated. In the meantime I am attempting to double check the supplied values via verizon.

Framing: ESF

Coding: B8ZS

Layer 2 Encapsulation: Frame-Relay

DLCI: 500

WAN IP Block: 204.XX.XX.112


Verizon Side: 204.XX.XX.113

Customer Side: 204.XX.XX.114

LAN IP Block: 65.XX.XX.112


Router Eth IP: 65.XX.XX.113

Usable IP: 65.XX.XX.114

DNS 198.XX.XX.100

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Re: Configuration or connection issue...

Hi scootscoot:

I would definitely try to change up your DNS servers as that can have more of an impact than you might think.  It's not just the original hostname which must be resolved when you browse a web page; often the site will contain content from third parties or host page elements with various CDN providers.  I'm a big fan of OpenDNS, which provides uber-fast and reliable DNS service, with built-in anti phishing protection, optional free or premium content filtering and reporting.  But you don't have to mess with those features; you can just point to and and go.

You might want to check the physical interfaces on the 3200.  For the T1, make sure errors and alarms are not incrementing.  For Ethernet, make sure you have no input and output errors‌‌ (moderate discards are normally okay).  Errors may indicate a duplex mismatch which can degrade performance.

Do you have any QoS or traffic shaping configured in the 3200?



Re: Configuration or connection issue...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

I figured the DNS was acting a bit wonky. I tried inputting the google dns server into the 3200 but this resulted in access to only google domain sites. I could enter a search term but was unable to load any other sites even when linked from the search results. Obviously this was not an acceptable state so I put the verizon supplied dns server back in to get where I am now. I will give the open dns servers a shot and report back. While I'm at it, I'll take a look at the logs for the t1 and ethernet for any errors.

I also do not have any qos/traffic shaping configured.

Again thanks for your suggestions and I will report back once I get a chance to go back to the site. Probably today or tomorrow.

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Re: Configuration or connection issue...

A (sanitized) copy of the config from the router would be helpful, so we can make sure you've handled all of the T1-specific stuff correctly.  It can be kind of funky if you've never done it before, although if you used the GUI it should all be correct...

Re: Configuration or connection issue...

zprime- thanks for the input. I actually forgot to mark this thread as answered. The issue ended up being a problem with Verizon's configuration. I put a ticket in with Adtran support who requested that I email them a copy of my config. They reported my config was ok and should not have had any problems. I was able to then help convince verizon the issue was more likely on their end and after about a day or so of waiting I received an email that some changes were made. Following this all websites were then accessible without issue. I tried asking verizon for more specifics but they gave none.

cj- thanks again for your original advice.