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NetVanta 3305 default route issue.

Error: There is no default route configured. To configure a default route please click here.

i cant seem to make had or teals of this error. i click on the click here buttons and it takes me to the routeing tables for our network.

DestinationMaskNext HopDistType

we have two gateways on this network one for the cable modem for internet and the internal t1 network we ues for remote communication to our other site.

the two gateways are the netvanta its self and witch is the cable modem. the defaultt route should be going to the cable modem.

how do i set a default route here i thought there was one but the netvanta is reporting there is not one on there.

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Re: NetVanta 3305 default route issue.

- Thanks for posting your question on the forum!

It appears the first entry on your table above is what is supposed to be your default route, but the subnet mask is incorrect. Instead of '', the mask should read ''. Once this change is made it should be recognized as the default route.

If this does not resolve the issue, can you please respond with the firmware you are running, and what page you are seeing that error on?

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.