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Netvanta 3200 Disable remote telnet login

I have a Netvanta 3200 T1 router.  Our IT department noticed that the public telnet was turned on.  They want me to turn it off.

I can telnet into the device.  It is running an older OS version,  What are the commands to disable telnet and enable SSH?

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Re: Netvanta 3200 Disable remote telnet login

Make sure you have a valid username/password pair on the device.

username "johndoe" password "itsasecret"


line telnet 0 4
line ssh 0 4
  no shutdown

You can and probably should apply an access-list to limit SSH to your management subnet else the Internet will try to brute-force your SSH login. They probably won't succeed with an uncommon username and a good password but it can gobble CPU.

ip access-list standard admin-access

line ssh 0 4
  no shutdown

  ip access-class admin-access in