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2 VPN to the same Public IP


Here is the scenario

I have 2 internet connection at the site A. one for the Data and one for Voip.

at site B i have 1 internet connection. I want to know if my configuration will work

i programmed 2 vpn tunnel

tunnel 1 : site A connection 1 to site B

tunnel 2 : site A connection 2 to site B

as remote ID i set up domain name data.payette and voip.payette

will this works ?


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Honored Contributor

Re: 2 VPN to the same Public IP

It should work, if you have different protected subnets at site A so that the IPSec parameters are different.

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Re: 2 VPN to the same Public IP


I connected only 1 vpn but it dosent work

Can you help me with that ?

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Re: 2 VPN to the same Public IP


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