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Can we set up WAN failover on a Netvanta 3430?

I'm relatively new to the Adtran world so bare with me if I ask stupid questions.

My client wants to set up WAN failover on their Netvanta 3430. I noticed that this model only have Eth 0/1 and Eth 0/2. Eth 0/1 to for LAN and Eth 0/2 is for the primary WAN. They used to use PRI for their PBX but not anymore.

I'm wondering if we can set up the primary WAN and secondary WAN on the same interface - Eth 0/2.

If this is possible, please let me know and show me how to configure it. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Can we set up WAN failover on a Netvanta 3430?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is to put a switch between the router and the WAN handoffs. Use two VLANs, one for each WAN link, as subinterfaces over the same physical 3430 interface. The switch interface facing the 3430 would be a trunk with both VLANs. Each WAN provider would connect to an access port on the switch configured with its respective VLAN. Configure the subinterfaces with your failover scenario as needed.