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Configuring QoS on Netvanta 3448

Need help configuring QoS on Netvanta 3448.  Need to give priority to VoIP traffic over the data traffic.  The customer has a 10 Mbps Fiber connection.  Using DSCP 26 & 46.

Also, is QoS applied to int ppp or int eth 0/1?


interface eth 0/1

  description Connection to FTTH ONT

  no ip address

  no shutdown

interface ppp 1

  ip address negotiated

  ip access-policy Public

  media-gateway ip primary

  no fair-queue

  ppp pap sent-username  password encrypted

  no shutdown

  cross-connect 1 eth 0/1 ppp 1

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Re: Configuring QoS on Netvanta 3448

Once you create the qos map, you should apply it to the logical interface with the IP address, so in this case the PPP interface

Something like qos-policy out <name of QOS Map>


interface ppp 1

qos-policy out VOIP-OUT

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Re: Configuring QoS on Netvanta 3448

Do I have to statically assign the bandwidth of 10 Mbps to the interface?  How do I set up to reserve 2 Mbps of bandwidth for VoIP?

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Valued Contributor

Re: Configuring QoS on Netvanta 3448

Hi tasha:

The guides Configuring QoS in AOS‌ and Configuring Enhanced Ethernet Quality of Service (EEQoS) in AOS‌ are very helpful and include configuration examples.  Do you want to take a look and let us know if you have additional questions?