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Configuring a router behind a Netvana 3430 on a CenturyLink T1

I have searched this forum and could not find an answer that could help me so I am hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction.

I purchased a T1 with 8 static IPs for my home almost 5 years ago form CenturyLink.  I will not go into the reason why as they are not relevant.

They sent me a Netvana 3430, which was and still is configured to connect to the T1.  They also sent me the following information in an email;

Internet Protocol (IP) Information:

Qwest Serial:

Customer Serial:

LAN IP Block:

DNS Server Information:

CenturyLink DNS Servers to use as your hostname resolvers:


        Primary:  Resolver1.Qwest.Net (

        Secondary: Resolver2.Qwest.Net (

I had a wireless router configured after / behind the Netvana CPE and it worked until last Sunday when it just died.  I have tried in stalling a new Netgear wireless router but cannot get it to work.  I have called CenturyLink and they have been no help to me so I thought I would try here.

What I need help with is the Static IP configuration

- IP Address

- IP Subnet Mask

- Gateway IP Address


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Re: Configuring a router behind a Netvana 3430 on a CenturyLink T1

Your usable IP information is going to be in the LAN block.  Most service providers should take the first usable IP from that block to assign to their equipment.  This also is what you end up configuring as your devices default gateway.

In the case of 63.145.XX.XX, let's assume this block starts at 0. 

63.145.xx.0 - network address

63.145.xx.1 - Century Link router port AKA your device's default gateway.

63.145.xx.2-6 - All assignable IPs for your equipment.  Pick one to statically assign to your new router.

63.145.xx.7 - broadcast address

So for example, you could use 63.145.xx.2, with a mask of, and a gateway of 63.145.xx.1 for your static IP configuration.

Obviously this changes depending on the exact assignment of your IP block but hopefully this paints a clear enough picture of how you should assign your static IP.

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Re: Configuring a router behind a Netvana 3430 on a CenturyLink T1

Thanks for the reply.  I really appreciate your help.  Everything is working again.