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Core dump and exception report NetVanta 3430

Hi All,

     I've got a Netvanta 3430 that was running some old firmware

I had a core dump on it, but the core dump was below.

2102.01.04 16:43:55 OPERATING_SYSTEM.CORE DUMP\source\Kernel\Private\Arch\PowerPC-8260\IsrHandler.cpp#280:
AdFatal(DMMU: Dadr=0x00000010, Iadr=0x000104B8: No permission to write.  StackTrc:
000104B8 00018B2C 0001AD04 0000F84C 0000F808 ....Regs: r0=0x0001058c
r1=0x0434aed0 r2=0x02796950 r3=0x04329810 r4=0x0488de98 r5=0x00001032
r6=0x00008000 r7=0x62aa3900 r8=0x00000000 r9=0x00008000 r10=0xffffffff
r11=0x00000000 r12=0x00000000 r13=0x03808000 r14=0x00000004 r15=0x00000005
r16=0x00000006 r17=0x00000007 r18=0x00000008 r19=0x00000009 r20=0x0000000a
r21=0x0000000b r22=0x0000000c r23=0x0000000d r24=0x0000000e r25=0x0000000f
r26=0x00000010 r27=0x80000000 r28=0x00000000 r29=0x4d51c8e4 r30=0x04329710
r31=0x0488de98 LR=0x00010628 CTR=0x0000fe94.)

I assume the above could be fixed with a firmware upgrade, hoever the exception report it generated was not complete.

The report is long, so I won't post it here, but below is just the last part of the file.

It puts some funny characters in the exception report, and then proceeds to show me some of the unit's running config........


System load: 1sec:0.01%  1min:16.25%  5min:14.71%  Min: 0.00%  Max: 100.00%
Context switch load: 0.39%
Task Task                       Invoked  Exec Time    Runtime     Load %
Id   Name            PRI STAT   (count)  (usec)       (usec)      (1sec)
0    ▒9                0 stop         0          0          0       0.00
1    Idle              0 stop 4199146809        431     846903      84.69
60   AUTOLINKQ         4 stop         0       3516          0       0.00
61   HttpClientQ       6 stop         0        100          0       0.00
63   UDP In           36 stop  17877066         54          0       0.00
70   UDP Relay        19 stop         1        113          0       0.00
71   DHCP Server      29 stop         0        198          0       0.00
72   Flow Meter Log~  17 stop   6411670         39         67       0.01
73   TWAMP-Control     6 stop         0      76884          0       0.00
74   TWAMP-Test       16 stop         2         19          0       0.00
8388607 b▒9             255 stop 4294967295  128817899  128817899     100.00

================================================================c to NetVanta
  permit host 172

Does anyone know if this is indicitive of a faulty unit?

Also what is the process that the unit goes through in creating an exception report? - perhaps my unit was powered off or something whilst generating the report?

- Matt

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Re: Core dump and exception report NetVanta 3430

Hi Matt:

These are good questions.  I wouldn't hesitate to go ahead and upgrade to the latest maintenance release, R10.9 at the time of this post.  If you notice a pattern of instability or see exception reports along with uptimes less than you expect, then it's probably time to call support and open a ticket.  If there are power issues, then the exception report could be incomplete.  I don't understand the process for exception reporting very well.  Either way, you'll probably need to open a support ticket to have the exception report analyzed.  If your 3400 series unit exhibits a pattern of trouble following the firmware update, I recommend calling in right away.



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Re: Core dump and exception report NetVanta 3430


Do you have further questions on this post?  If so, please do not hesitate to reply.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.


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Re: Core dump and exception report NetVanta 3430


I went ahead and flagged "Assumed Answered" on this post to make it more visible and help other members of the community find solutions more easily. If you feel like there is a better answer, feel free to come back to this post and select it with the applicable buttons.  If you have any additional information on this that others may benefit from, please come back to this post to provide an update.  If you still need assistance, we would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let us know in a reply.