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Fiber media converters and Adtran 3448?

Hi everyone, I have an odd question and I think I understand it, but I wanted some clarification. We have a Fiber connection that goes into a Startech MCMGBSC15 media converter. Unfortunately, we aren't able to directly plug it into the Adtran 3448, we had to hook it into a gigabit switch first, then run a line to the Adtran.

From my understanding, the reason why we had to do this is because the media converters are 1Gb and the Adtran is 100Mb, and the media converters will not step down the connection to 100Mb to talk to the Adtran. So the switch plays as a 1Gb to 100Mb translator.

Is there any way to do this directly on the Adtran? Is there an expansion card that we could use in Slot1?

Thank you

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