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Internet access on another subnet?

I am using 3448 routers in a mesh network.  The local subnets use eth0/1.  Inter network VLANS configured on the switch ports. The routers are configured with no default gateway.  Until recently there was no internet access required on this network, but I now need to configure local traffic on subnet A to use the internet at subnet F:

A <-> B <-> C <-> D <-> E <-> F <-> internet

From A I can ping all the way to the interface at F that connects to the internet, but I am not sure how get the local traffic at A to use F's internet access.  I was thinking that I could set the default gateway of the A router to the interface at F.  I am not sure that would work, or if it is proper protocol.

Any suggestions?

I am not looking to provide internet access to any other subnets, just A

Thank you in advance for your consideration

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Re: Internet access on another subnet?

It would look like all you would need is a route from f to the Internet. I would need a little more information about the configuration of your network. Are each of these different subnets in one location or are they in different locations? If they are at different locations how are they connected to each other? Are the IPs on your PC statically assigned or are you using DHCP? If you can provide more information about the configuration of your network it would help.

Re: Internet access on another subnet?

Different locations connected by wireless bridges in VLANS.

I have attached both of the configs as  text files.

This is the configuration that seems to work.

Jasper is site A

300 Perry is site F

DHCP is not set up yet, but the clients at Jasper will get their IP addresses from the Jasper router with as their default gateway.

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Re: Internet access on another subnet?

The easiest way to set up Internet access for one subnet would be to create default routes through each of the routers and create an access control list at site F. Site F would control the access to the Internet depending on the rules you create in the ACL's. You can create rules based on the IP address or you can create rules based on the subnet the PC's reside in. So in the future if you want to let other subnets access the Internet all you have to do is "allow" that subnet through the rules that you create. Below is a link that shows you how to configure the ACL's:

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Re: Internet access on another subnet?


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