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Mobile VPN not routing on a NetVanta 3448 w/ EFP

Trying to set up a mobile VPN configuration. The VPN gets connected, but there is no routing. Cannot get to any devices on the 10.0.20.x segment, even though the LAN of the VPN router is part of a directly connected network. /22 is the LAN and /22 is the ip of the VPN router.

We're using ShrewSoft VPN client.

We attempted to use the NetVanta VPN client.  But it is unstable on Windows 10 and Windows 7.  FYI: It causes the all Network to stop on the LAN cards.  The only way to get your LAN connectivity back was to disable the AdTran Filter device in the LAN configuration.  This is just an FYI on the NetVanta VPN client.  I'll post our issues with this on another forum / topic.

The main problem is that we're unable to get to any of the devices on the 10.0.20.x segment once the tunnel is established.  E.G. Ping, telnet, or RDP etc to any device is not reaching or going the devices on the LAN segment network.

Can you kindly assist.

Let me us know if you need to see the config files.


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Re: Mobile VPN not routing on a NetVanta 3448 w/ EFP

Hi Lincoln,

For routing of packets to be allowed within the LAN after they arrive at the router, you will need to have created an access-list for the VPN selectors.  Then you will also need private and public policy-class directives (stateless) to allow them in & out.

Hope this helps.

PS.  If you post your config make sure that you have changed passwords and public IP addresses for safe measure.


Kind regards and Merry Christmas!