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Multiple Etherent ports for multiple WAN connections

Customer has both Ethernet ports used, One for the WAN side and other for the inside. They are adding a second WAN carrier and needs a third Ethernet interface. Can a sub interface be assigned and then connect the WAN port to a VLAN'd switch with both WAN connections coming into that switch? Or is there a better way?

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Re: Multiple Etherent ports for multiple WAN connections

Hi ccpjim:

You're on the right track.  The sale of a shiny new ADTRAN firewall is most always the best approach.    To add a second WAN link (essentially a third interface for a unit with only two physical interfaces), sub-interfaces are the way to go.

Keep in mind that the 3400-series units are designed to process a certain amount of traffic.  Throughput may be limited by what the routing engine can handle.  Adding a second WAN link may aggravate the situation if you're using fast WAN links, which are becoming common.  The ADTRAN pre-sales support team is very helpful and I encourage you to check with them before implementing changes.