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NV 3430 VLAN setup

I've got VLANs working on my internet network, with VLAN1 untagged (native), and a few others tagged.  Most of my infrastructure is Cisco SG300 and SG500 switches.  I've currently got my NV3430 working using:

ETH2 (WAN) to a port using an untagged port on the WAN VLAN (926)

ETH1 (LAN) to a port using an untagged port on the LAN VLAN (1)

I'd like to turn on VLAN trunking on ETH1 (LAN), so the native VLAN is 1, untagged, and other VLANs are tagged.

I tried following Configuring InterVLAN Routing in AOS - Quick Configuration Guide.pdf

System -> Physical Interfaces -> eth 0/1 -> Interface Mode -> 802.1q

Ethernet Subinterface Configuration

set ID to 1

set VLAN ID to 1

Check "Native VLAN"

As soon as I click on Apply, communication with the router stops working and I have to power cycle it to return to normal function.

[I prefer the GUI, as that's how the rest of my setup was done, and mixing and matching GUI and CLI adds extra complexity (and confusion), but if CLI is the only way to set it up, I _can_ do that]

What am I doing wrong?  Do I have to set the switch port for VLAN 1 to be tagged?  I'm reluctant to fiddle too much, as taking down the Internet is frowned upon.  8*}


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