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Remote Access to 3430

I have a 3430 router running Firmware

I am trying to remote in to some devices on my network. I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with tech support yesterday and fixed an initial problem which was getting NATTED to the right device. That is clearly working.

The school owns about 8 IP address and I use a different IP address for each device.

However, when I attempt to connect via the IP address for the device I'm coming up with the password prompt for the router and then the web interface to the router rather than the web interface to the device.

I know this is something simple I've missed but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What am I missing?



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Re: Remote Access to 3430

You might want to consider port forwarding.  It will scale better than one-to-one NAT in that you can have more inside devices than public IPs.  For example the web interface of your first device could NAT to port 8081 on the outside IP, the second to port 8082 of the same IP, etc. 

From outside you would point your browser to the 3430's IP followed by :8081 to get to the web interface of the first inside device, etc.

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Re: Remote Access to 3430


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