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Remote Extensions for IP_PBX - Teleworker's and Dynamic IP Addresses

We recently put a new network in place with a Switchvox PBX behind an Adtran 3448 w/SBC. 

The issue we are having is in managing our remote workers with desk phones.  Because the PBX is behind the firewall, we have been adjusting the ACL's on both the firewall and PBX almost daily to allow access for my guy in the Philippines to access the switch with his IP desk phone, (lots of power outages/router power cycles in the PI, apparently).  We were originally going to use soft phones over a VPN, but the soft clients were disappointing in their reliability. 

In my research for a solution, I noted that a lot of folks have recommended the use of an SBC, (which I happen to have as an adjunct on my 3448),  as a means to handle remote phones, but I can't tell if this solution addresses our issues with the dynamic IP at the far end.

Am I on the right path with implementing the SBC on the Adtran?

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