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Replacing NetVanta 3205 with 3448

Hello Adtran experts,

I am replacing a T1 line between 2 locations with a PTP Ethernet service. We have Netvanta 3205s serving the T1 on both ends which could not support 2 Ethernets on both ends, so I've purchased Netvanta 3448s for both ends.

I have 2 questions:

1) Can I take the existing 3205 configuration and use it as my template on the 3448, change the ppp to point to the WAN Ethernet instead of serial and expect all to just work?

2) We route 2 IP subnets from location one to location two; one subnet serving data & one serving VOIP. Are there any specific settings that are required for best VOIP traffic and experience.

Thanks for any comments & help.


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Re: Replacing NetVanta 3205 with 3448

Paul, if your interfaces, acl's and policies, etc are identified alike, then the command structure and syntax should work and you would be able to drop much of the config in without issues (sometimes dependent on the AOS version). Your routing should carry over ok, mainly focus on the differences with the interfaces you'll be using going from the 3205 to the 3448. When you're in 'config' mode, the "?" becomes your best friend to identify the next word in the command you'll need if using CLI and not the GUI. If you use the GUI you may find it more useful for some of the 'unknowns' of the 3448 and may help expedite your cutover to the 3448 device.

The other main factor you would want to consider is your QOS and traffic shapers so that you configure most of your BW for voip traffic usage rather than for data (pc's/wifi/etc). You'll most likely need to 'fine-tune' your BW and QOS or initially set the router to auto config (if available in the AOS version of the 3448) and determine the best parameters for you services. VOIP must take precedence over data in most cases so that voice call quality is as good as can be. Factors such as echo, static, one-way audio, delay, etc all need to be avoided in order to have the best call quality possible.

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Re: Replacing NetVanta 3205 with 3448

Thanks very much for your response.