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SIP Trunk Dropping Inbound Calls when placed on hold NV3448

Recently our "SIP Trunk" provider has forced us to make a registration change on our Toshiba IP phone system.

Since this change, any incoming calls can no longer be placed on hold.  They get disconnected. Outgoing works fine.

Our Trunk provider says they are challenging our invite and we ACK it and then send a BYE.

My Wireshark shows we send an INVITE and receive a 401 UNAUTHORIZED then ACK twice then BYE.

Mettel (our SIP Trunk provider) says it a problem on our end, even though it has been working for two years.

Toshiba support says we can not accommodate this problem from the phone system.

****   I was told that our NV3448 could be causing this or be a solution for it. ******

Our warranty ran out 2 months ago and I was told to post here for support.

Any Ideas?

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