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Send all traffic from particular IP address through VPN? [Or a particular port?]

This is similar to Re: using a VPN as a gateway but different enough that I can't quite find the answer with search:

I've got a VPN set up between two locations, and it works fine for getting access to resources on the other side of the VPN from either side.

I've got a NetVanta 3120 (, R11.10.1.E, dynamic WAN) on one side and NetVanta 3430 (, R11.10.2.E, static WAN) on the other.

I've got a few devices on the 3120 that need to have all their Internet traffic sent over the VPN, so they appear to come from the 3430's internet connection.  I can either assign them static IPs out of the 192.168.0.* network, or I could even use one of the unused switch ports on the 3120 to set up a separate physical network if that's better.

Any idea how I'd do this?  I'd prefer GUI instructions over CLI, but I can do CLI...

Many Thanks in advance!

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