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Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)


We have a NV3450 currently running R10.9.3.E. Looking at getting this firmware upgraded. We have our device registered on MyAdtran, but when we go to download the new firmware it only gives accessibility to the non-enhanced firmware. Our support just ran out on 5/2019 for this device. Adtran customer service is telling us we need to pay for a voucher to talk to an engineer about getting the enhanced firmware, but this seems wrong to me. It seems that our device being registered on the site should be the "confirmation" that we have the enhanced version of the NV3450 and allow us to download it. Can someone help?


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Re: Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

I've seen this. 

There may be an easier way to do it, but I have to do the following:

1.  From the webpage, click on "My Adtran", then sign in.

2.  Click on "My Products".

3.  Scroll down to your registered device, and click on the hyperlinked part number.  This will take you to a specific product page for that product with Enhanced Feature Pack.

4.  Click on the "Support Tab"


5.  Click on the link under "Software Downloads"


6. Continue through the normal process of downloading firmware.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

Thanks for your reply. I tried that method, but it shows a lock on it and acts like I don't have the product registered even though I do. Adtran wants me to pay for a support voucher to even talk about this. I don't feel like I should have to when I believe it's a bug on their site.





Re: Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

Just an idea: have you tried with a different browser?  If your product is registered you should be able to download the Enhanced firmware, but it may be the browser you're using is not playing nice with the JavaScript on this page.

Alternatively, email Adtran support and explain you do NOT require support from an engineer - only someone to send you a link to download the firmware in question, or unlock your access to it on the website and you can deal with flashing the unit with the firmware.  However, I suspect it may be a browser interaction with the download page which is causing the problem, since you already have registered your product.




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Re: Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

I had been using Chrome. I tried IE. Same issue. I am going to try and contact them again unless anyone else has suggestions on this. Very frustrating.

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Re: Upgrading Firmware (Enhanced Feature Pack)

Seems Adtran doesn't care to email me about this issue. Such a disappointment.