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Weird Port Forwarding NetVanta 3448 to Windows 2012

My customer has a NetVanta 3448 setup as default router. I went to configure Port Forwarding, but it looks like the configuration already forwards everything to their Windows 2012 server IP address. I'm trying to open ports 28192 and 3050 to forward to the Windows server with a single rule. My port checker tool reports 3050 is open, but 28192 is not. Other apps like RDP are able to connect through their existing port forwarding rules.

On the router, when checking traffic to these ports, I get this output:

MyRouter#show ip policy-sessions

Src Vrf (if not default), Src policy class:

Protocol (TTL) [in crypto map] -> [out crypto map] Dest VRF, Dest policy-class

  Src IP Address  Src Port Dest IP Address Dst Port NAT IP Address    NAT Port

  --------------- -------- --------------- -------- ----------------- --------

Policy class "Public":

tcp (4) -> Private

  65.112.X.X    32851    192.198.X.X  3050     d      3050

tcp (20) -> Private

  65.112.X.X    42306    192.198.X.X  28192    d      28192

I have Windows Firewall rules configured to allow traffic on those ports, incoming and outgoing. The Windows server isn't seeing anything on port 28192. I'm a little baffled why the rule for is working for one port and not the other. It doesn't make any difference if I turn off the Windows Firewall. I still can't see any traffic on port 28192. Netstat isn't showing anything bound to that port either.

Excerpt from pfirewall.log for the outside IP hitting that port:

2016-09-15 16:19:59 ALLOW TCP 65.112.X.X 41070 3050 0 - 0 0 0 - - - RECEIVE

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